Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]

Спасите своего кота от толпы зомби

Версия: 0.9
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Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]
Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]
Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]
Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]
Zombies Chasing My Cat [Персонажи+деньги]
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Imagine that you wake up one morning, and around the zombie is an apocalypse. No living soul - just crowds of walking dead, hiding and looking for brains! Suddenly, your cat Oscar jumps out of the window and runs away! You have nothing left to do but run after him. Run as fast as you can, evading zombies and other obstacles on your way. Make your way through desert cities, abandoned farms, military bases and cemeteries. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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File author: Alien Shooter
Version 0.9
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InternetNot required
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