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Zombie Combat Simulator

Survive against a zombie in the style of Counter Strike

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Zombie Combat Simulator - strategy with elements of a shooter from 3 persons.
Imagine, if in Counter Strike add a little strategy and the loose zombies. It turns out Zombie Combat, an interesting simulator, whose goal is to resist the hordes of walking dead. You can arrange the blocks, the soldiers on levels, equip them with different weapons and even take control, running like a real TPS shooter. That you did not do, in what location would not be fought the target will not change under any circumstances - kill and survive.
Whats new
  • Улучшены модели персонажей;
  • Добавлена возможность отключения ботов в игре.
Mod description
Бесплатные покупки (которые за реальные деньги).
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Date of publication03 дек. 2017   17:00
Date of update28 янв. 2019   22:00
Version 1.2.5p
Version OSAndroid 4.3 or above
Size45 Mb
Raiting 4.5
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