Зомби рейд: выживание

Красочный платформер с дровосеком

Зомби рейд: выживание
Зомби рейд: выживание
Зомби рейд: выживание
Зомби рейд: выживание
Зомби рейд: выживание
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What if the zombie apocalypse has suddenly started, there is a military base nearby, and there are various anomalies, but are you an ordinary lumberjack? Of course, you must grab the ax and go on a real raid through hordes of zombies, and show the dead that they do not belong here. What is important during the zombie apocalypse? Of course, survive. But this is not an easy task, when pieces of reanimated flesh attack you, and, in addition, all the cars behave strangely: the circular saws are frenzied, just like army drone. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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Version 1.0
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