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Download Zasa - An AI Story

Zasa - An AI Story

Difficult arcade puzzle in 3D

Zasa - An AI Story an incredibly complex, exciting and stylish puzzle for android devices that will blow your brain or be able to pump your logical abilities to unprecedented heights!

In this game you have to create unique figures in three-dimensional space, but each level will require maximum effort, concentration and a lot of time from you. All you have to do is it is to draw a line on the cube until the drawn line matches the final goal. You can now download the excellent Zasa - An AI Story puzzle for Android and try out this simple but incredibly entertaining gameplay.

Unique gameplay, a lot of interesting levels, a melodic soundtrack and fantastic graphics that allow you to fully enjoy the game are waiting for you. Pump over your intellect, because each new level will require creative solutions from you, win and discover new, even more difficult levels. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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  • Download apk file. If you update and the previous version of the application was downloaded from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise performance (data storage) is not guaranteed
  • Allow in the settings of installing applications from unknown sources (done once)
  • Run the installation using the file manager (usually the downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)
  • Run app
  • A short video instruction on installing applications with a cache is located here
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Date of publicationНе обновлялось
First Release29 янв. 2019   02:00
Version 1.3.3
Version OSAndroid 4.0 or above
InternetNot required
Size35 Mb
Raiting 4.8
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