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Версия: 2.5.8
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Wormix is ​​a two-dimensional step-by-step strategy, the progenitor of which was, developed in 1994, a very popular game “Worms” that conquered gamers of the whole world with its uncomplicated and at the same time unprecedented drive in the game. A feature of Wormix, without any doubt, can be called a physical component, this is especially noticeable when choosing a weapon, because the game allows you to feel how such indicators as the mass of the charge, the strength and direction of the wind affect the trajectory of the shot. Undoubtedly, this makes the game more interesting and exciting, gaining experience, the player will be able to use external factors for their own purposes and defeat the enemy even in an unequal battle.

The gradual transition from level to level is an opportunity to discover new maps for yourself, to explore new opportunities, to fight with stronger and more experienced players. In addition, it is important to choose the strategy of passing the game, you can vary it with the choice of a new weapon, card or race. By the way, the modern interpretation of the game allows you to play not only the usual familiar worms, but such characters as demons, boxers, hares and others. In addition to new races, the game has prepared and new weapons. His range is now so large that not every player will have time to try all the options in the course of the passage. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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