Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]

Станьте владельцем автомагазина в потрясной аркаде

Версия: 1.3.6
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Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]
Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]
Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]
Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]
Tiny Auto Shop - автомагазин [Много денег]
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Tiny Auto Shop - auto shop - a great arcade simulator of the auto shop owner for android devices.

This arcade game is perfect for gamers of any age, and thanks to a comfortable interface and simple controls, even a child. Now you have the opportunity to become the owner of the coolest autoshop in the city! Potential customers with certain items will come to you, and your task is to offer them the appropriate services: change oil, repair, refuel, clean its car, put tuning or even nitro fuel!

A large number of cars of various brands, colors, styles, as well as each of them, can offer you the necessary services. Start with a small store and as you progress, expand your auto center. For you, prepared more than a hundred upgrades for business, as well as the opportunity to get tips for fast and quality service. And for a variety and relaxation you are waiting for exciting mini-games that will help earn extra bonuses and coins. Spend time entertaining and try yourself as a business owner in a great arcade of Tiny Auto Shop - auto shop! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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    File author: VADEER
    CategoriesArcade, Cars, For kids
    Version 1.3.6
    Version OSAndroid 4.1+
    InternetNot required
    Size49.54 Mб
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