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Download SMASH CHASE [Mod: Money]

SMASH CHASE [Mod: Money]

Try to drop cops from your tail

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SMASH CHASE - arcade racing on android.
We do not ask what crime you committed and why the whole city police is chasing you. We hope that you can get away from them, hide from the pursuing cars, tanks and helicopters. SMASH CHASE is the coolest race, in which there are chases, drift, unique wheelbarrows and an endless world in which to survive.
  • Infinite world with random generation
  • Many machines to choose from
  • System of improvements and upgrades
  • Simple and beautiful graphics
Whats new
Перезалит мод - перекачайте его, если с прошлым были проблемы.
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05 сен. 2018   17:00
11 сен. 2018   20:58
Version: 1.3.3
Version: Android 4.1 or above
Internet: Not required
25 Mb
Raiting: 4.4
Russian: Absent
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