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Download Seven Seas - Pirate Match 3

Seven Seas - Pirate Match 3

Bright arcade in the genre of three in a row with pirates

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Seven Seas - Pirate Match 3 - an interesting and addictive game like three in a row for android.

Embark on an exciting adventure of your life! Here you will have a great pirate ship and the opportunity to make friends with interesting sea creatures, which will become your team. Overcome all obstacles and swim across all 7 seas!

Download Seven Seas - Pirate Match 3 for Android for free - gather your team and go to meet the epic adventures! Each pirate has a unique set of forces that you can use during complex battles. Connect three or more gems of the same color and blast the barriers. Show your skills, and also make mind-blowing combos and even diagonally!
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CategoriesMatch 3
Date of publication11 окт. 2018   19:00
Date of updateНе обновлялось
Version 1.8.8
Version OSAndroid 6.0 or above
InternetNot required
Size70.74 Mb
Raiting 3
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