Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]

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Версия: 1.3.1
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Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]
Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]
Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]
Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]
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Rival Stars Horse Racing - developed sports simulator for android devices.

Gameplay features
You will have at your disposal a whole stable full of horses, look after your racers, choose your favorite and go to conquer the race course. The realism of what is happening on the screen of the android device will amaze you and help you feel the atmosphere of this sport. Keep track of the estate, hire staff, engage in breeding horses, training, direct management, as well as managing horses during races.

A taste of real racing
You can feel the real passions during the race, thanks to the animated motion capture and cinematic jumps, as well as you will hear the speech of professional commentators. Each horse is unique in appearance, according to certain characteristics, pedigree and indicators. Hire an experienced jockey, or take matters into your own hands and speak for yourself. Achieve high results, become a leader in horse racing and get incredible rewards. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Добавлены новые элементы кастомизации лошади;
  • Исправлены ошибки.
Mod description
Боты всегда тормозят.

How to install (update) Rival Stars Horse Racing [Медленные боты]

  • Download apk file and cache
  • Allow in the settings of installing applications from unknown sources (done once)
  • Run the installation using the file manager (usually the downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)
  • Copy the cache folder from the archive to the SD/Android/obb/cache_folder/*obb file directory using the file manager
  • Run app
  • A short video instruction on installing applications with a cache is located here
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File author: Opera fan
Version 1.3.1
Version OSAndroid 5.0+
Size611.83 Mб
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