Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]

Уникальный стратегический симулятор от создателей Plague Inc.

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Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]
Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]
Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]
Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]
Rebel Inc. [Премиум/Unlocked]
Rebel Inc. unique strategy simulator for android devices from the creators of the acclaimed Plague Inc. that will make you feel yourself in the role of the present ruler of the whole state.

Here, the choice is yours: become a diplomat and achieve your goals exclusively by peaceful means or go to war and seize entire states! In this fascinating strategy, you as a ruler will have to stabilize the political situation in various areas of your state, and as leverage, you will have a whole range of possibilities: finance military groups and the possibility of staging insurrections to suppress popular uprisings. You can download the incredible strategic simulator Rebel Inc. on Android and strengthen your power in various ways, create alliances and manage the governors of individual regions, each of which has its own abilities that can be a great advantage for you.

The game has a complex storytelling algorithm that will respond to all your decisions and adjust the world to them, as well as a unique and thoroughly crafted world created by meticulous observations and the efforts of the authors. You will find a unique gameplay, highly detailed graphics, simple controls and incredible emotions. Are you able to suppress and stop the flaming fire of war on your territories in Rebel Inc.? Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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  • Мод: премиум - приобретён премиум;
  • Мод: премиум/Unlocked - приобретён премиум, а также весь платный контент (карты, губернаторы, читы и советники - всех их можно открыть играя в игру, а можно и купить).

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