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Pixel puzzle with interesting characters

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The legendary mobile game company KONAMI is back in business! Meet the new puzzle from renowned developers. You are waiting for your favorite game characters, fascinating and challenging puzzles and all the familiar old school 8bit graphics. Meet the characters from the games of your childhood, such as: Contra, Bomberman, Castelvania, Nemesis and others. Knowledge of these games will give you a significant advantage in solving logical tasks, since you have to guess which character or object is hidden behind gray icons.

Download for free on android PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION and enjoy the extremely simple interface, comfortable controls and interesting gameplay! This game is perfect for a beginner in the world of logic games, as well as for real hardcore gamers who can solve puzzles in minutes! Suck your logic and thinking with an interesting game!
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CategoriesLogical, Pixels
Date of publication11 окт. 2018   21:00
Date of updateНе обновлялось
Version 1.0.0
Version OSAndroid 5.0 or above
InternetNot required
Size82 Mb
Raiting 4.6
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