Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]

Тактическая RPG c потрясающим сюжетом и квестами

Версия: 1.3.22
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Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]
Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]
Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]
Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]
Падение вампиров: Начало [Бесплатные покупки]
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Falling vampires: Start - real, classic RPG for android devices.

If you are a fan of old school role-playing games, turn-based tactical battles and atmospheric walkers, then this game is just made for you! The game's plot tells the story of the Middle Ages about the inhabitants of a small village, who after many years of quiet and happy life learned about the appearance in their world of an evil Black Magician, who has incredible power and unlimited power. After some deliberation, the villagers decided to gather an army of brave fighters who are ready to challenge the evil magician and you will play the role of one of them.

A large, open world awaits you, the ability to fine tune your hero’s abilities and his complete customization, exciting and impossible twisted plot, interesting dialogues with characters, where the choice is yours, insane turn-based battles, and classic gameplay that will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions! Immerse yourself in a completely new and unknown world, defeat the evil mage and become a hero in an exciting RPG Falling Vampires: Start! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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File author: Opera fan
CategoriesQuests, RPG, Survival, Walkrpg
Version 1.3.22
Version OSDepends on the device
InternetNot required
Size97.32 Mб
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