Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]

Приключенческий экшен в 3D на выживание

Версия: 0.391
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Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]
Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]
Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]
Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]
Last Pirate: Island Survival [Бессмертие]
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Last Pirate: Island Survival - an exciting action for android devices for survival.

A real adventure awaits you, where you have to play the role of a pirate and try to survive in terrible conditions on a mystical island. Your ship was wrecked and its wreckage, along with the crew, washed to the shores of an unknown island. The members of your crew began to disappear one by one, and your beloved just disappeared without a trace. Download Last Pirate: Island Survival for free on Android and try not only to survive, but also to save your companions and your girlfriend.

Horror comes along with the arrival of the night, when the zombies inhabiting the island wake up and sweep away everything in their path. Build barricades and dwellings to protect against the hordes of zombies, hunt animals for a day to provide yourself with food, find treasures, traveling around a huge island and be ready for the night to come! The graphics of this game is simply perfect, it cannot be called a breakthrough, but so beautiful games like this one are incredibly small, if you like to enjoy beautiful views, high-quality detail and physics, then you will like this game. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Улучшена производительность на некоторых локациях;
  • Улучшено управление;
  • Исправлены ошибки.
Mod description
  • Бессмертие;
  • Персонаж не голодает и не хочет пить;
  • Бесконечное золото и стамина.

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File author: Opera fan
Version 0.391
Version OSAndroid 5.0+
InternetNot required
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