Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]

Кликер в сеттинге сим-менеджмента

Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]
Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]
Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]
Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]
Idle Factory Tycoon [Бесплатные улучшения]
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Idle Factory Tycoon - clicker in the world of industry.
Becoming the owner of a large industrial plant, you will be able to arrange the production of a variety of things that are required in everyday life. Tools, machinery, wood and metalworking - do whatever you want, the main thing is that it brings profit. In order not to sit in the factory around the clock hiring managers who will be engaged in advertising and sales, send for training employees to increase production, create subsidiaries that will bring more money and jobs. Idle Factory Tycoon belongs to the genre of management simulators, but management, graphics, mechanics and gameplay in chorus dictate the rules of the traditional clicker.
Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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  • Бесплатные улучшения

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CategoriesFarming, Simulators
Version 1.79.0
Version OSAndroid 4.1+
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