Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]

Потрясающий раннер с Говорящим Томом и его друзьями

Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]
Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]
Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]
Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]
Говорящий Том: погоня героев [Много денег]
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Talking Tom: the chase of heroes - charming runner for android devices with everyone's favorite hero.

Welcome to the bright and fascinating world of adventure and speed! This stunning runner can be a great entertainment for every day, wherever and whenever you want, get ready for yourself fun and exciting runaway in your life. In this game, in addition to Talking Tom, you will meet many of his funny friends, each character has his own unique abilities, which will become a strong argument for the successful passing of the game. Go to the most colorful locations, run along the tangled paths filled with complex obstacles and insidious raccoons who want to lead you astray.

Run and collect gold coins, fight with the bosses to get valuable rewards, visit the most beautiful places and show everyone how fast you are. Do amazing stunts in the air, dodge, make combinations and try to run as much as possible to collect a record number of points. Pass the levels and open new characters and outfits for them, collect the entire collection of friends of Tom! This game has simple controls that allow even the smallest gamers to play, colorful 3D graphics, lots of levels and addictive gameplay. Embark on the most fun adventure with Tom in the Talking Tom: Heroes Chase! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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