Five Nights at Freddy's [Unlocked]

Ночь. Темнота. Ты один. Выживай.

Версия: 2.0.1
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Five Nights at Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy
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The protagonist of the game Five Nights at Freddys, for the sake of a quick part-time job, is to get a job as an overseer at a children's cafe-pizzeria. Working conditions are simple - sit in a closet and bored staring at monitors. But as it turned out, the owner of the place bought robots-animators of the new generation, who after the day shift are stored in the same building. Oddities begin to occur immediately after the cafe is closed. Your iron neighbors, dressed in costumes of animals of a very frightening look, are going to play with you and it’s not a fact that you will survive after this. The boss, a scoundrel, saves on everything, including on lighting and power to the cameras. Now you have to quickly, for the sake of saving batteries, flip through the images on the monitor and decide which of the two doors to your closet needs to be closed. Get ready, the week will be very long.

Also on our site you can find the continuation of this game: Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Увеличено качество графики и эффектов;
  • Добавлен дополнительный чит;
  • Улучшен интерфейc;
  • Исправлены ошибки;
  • Различные улучшения.
Mod description
  • Разблокированы все ночи.

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File author: Opera fan
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