Ферма Джейн [Много денег]

Экономическая стратегия. Любителям фермы посвящается

Версия: 8.5.0
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Ферма Джейн [Много денег]
Ферма Джейн [Много денег]
Ферма Джейн [Много денег]
Ферма Джейн [Много денег]
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Love to play farm? Love business strategies for Android?

The 30s brought a crisis to a small state - Cloverland. A difficult time has come for farmers, but not for those who love and know how to work. Jennifer, a young, energetic woman from East Cropberry, challenges everyone, buys a small, ruined farm and turns her into one of the most developed and profitable in the country. Farm Jennifer supplies products and raw materials to neighboring counties, helping to rebuild their economy, affected by the outbreak of the crisis. Jennifer creates charities, helps all the advice and deed, and most importantly, his bright example!

Make your little economic miracle, because everything depends on you! Start with a small farm, earn coins and develop a farm: plant a variety of vegetables and fruits, breed pets, make dairy and canned products, get stone, produce boards and other materials!

A little more and you will be able to help the neighboring cities, many families are waiting for your help, legends will already be walking about your farm! You can change everything for the better, it does not matter that now is not easy, good times and fruitful years are ahead. Thanks to people like you, the country will cope with any crisis, and your example will inspire others to great achievements! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Улучшен интерфейс;
  • Исправлены ошибки.
Mod description
Все покупки не тратят у вас денег и энергию.

How to install (update) Ферма Джейн [Много денег]

  • Download apk file and cache
  • Allow in the settings of installing applications from unknown sources (done once)
  • Run the installation using the file manager (usually the downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)
  • Copy the cache folder from the archive to the SD/Android/obb/cache_folder/*obb file directory using the file manager
  • Run app
  • A short video instruction on installing applications with a cache is located here
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File author: Opera fan
Version 8.5.0
Version OSAndroid 4.4+
Size194.47 Mб
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