Empire at War 2 [Без рекламы]

Неплохой клон старой стратегии Эпоха Империй

Empire at War 2 [Без рекламы]
Empire at War 2 [Без рекламы]
Empire at War 2 [Без рекламы]
Empire at War 2 [Без рекламы]
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Empire at War 2 - real-time strategy.
Almost 20 years ago, the wonderful strategy of Age Of Empire 2 was born, which was the best of its kind and standard among the RTS. Among all the analogues, clones and unofficial ports, Empire at War 2 is still the best representative and worthy follower of the idea.
To successfully confront the enemy, you need to collect all kinds of resources, build your castle and hire different units. Wood, iron, and gold can be spent building mobile cannons, guard towers, hiring archers, warriors, and even wizards. Each unit is strong, but only together and in the right combination they will give the result.
Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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