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Continuation of megahit. Dead Trigger 2 is already available for Android

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DEAD TRIGGER 2 - the continuation of one of the most popular zombie shooters from the first person for Android with great detailed graphics and special effects. The first part of the game was awarded several awards and was downloaded more than 23 million times on the official Google Play Market.

Join the global resistance and use the arsenal of the latest weapons.

The game has several control options, including touch control, virtual joystick control, as well as support for console gamepads. It's worth noting that the graphics in the first part of the game were above all praise, but the new part of the DEAD TRIGGER 2 part for Android again beats all records. The gameplay in the game has become simpler, now shooting, recharging and building barricades occurs in automatic mode. All that is required of you in this situation is to approach the object at the required distance. The mini-radar has undergone a change, to be precise, it is no longer there, and the movement of monsters that are approaching you can now be tracked by markers directly in the center of the screen, which change their color depending on the proximity of the enemy.

As for the plot, it became more thoughtful and entails some sense. In general, the game was very high quality.
Whats new
  • Исправлены ошибки;
  • Незначительные улучшения.
Mod description
  • Бесконечные патроны;
  • Отключен перегрев;
  • Убран разброс пуль;
  • Вы можете убивать на большом расстоянии даже с рукопашным оружием;
  • Быстрая ходьба;
  • Игрок наносит много урона.
↓ Дополнительная информация
28 окт. 2013   15:21
21 дек. 2018   19:59
Version: 1.5.3
Version: Android 4.1 or above
Internet: Required
26 Mb
Raiting: 4.5
Russian: Present
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