Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]

Спаси свой город, решая головоломки

Версия: 45.188.0
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Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]
Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]
Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]
Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]
Часовщик: три в ряд [Бесплатные покупки]
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Clockmaker - atmospheric adventure with puzzles "three in a row."

The history of the game begins in a small town whose inhabitants have always been very friendly and peaceful. Each of them worked and did what he could: someone baked bread, someone taught at school, and someone was a librarian. The townspeople regularly did fairs and had fun on weekends, but only one elder, a watchmaker, did not have fun, despite the fact that he regularly received invitations. Once, he was offended by the whole people and, at midnight, stopped the city clock, and with them time. Only one townspeople did not sleep at this moment, and it is to him that you will help solve fascinating, complex puzzles from the match 3 series in order to free the city from the spell.

Chic storyline, addictive gameplay
Over 450 levels on the mechanics of "three-in-a-row"
Support for HD screens, synchronization on all devices
Does not require a network connection
Bonuses, combinations, chips and much more
Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
Добавлен новые город Даркчестер с новыми событиями и заданиями.
Mod description
При покупках бонусов количество алмазов увеличивается.

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File author: Opera fan
CategoriesArcade, Casual, Match 3
Version 45.188.0
Version OSDepends on the device
InternetNot required
Size98.07 Mб
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