Castle Agony

Приключенческая олдскульная ролевая игра

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Castle Agony
Castle Agony
Castle Agony
Castle Agony
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Castle Agony - an entertaining role-playing game for android devices in the retro style of the 90s.

Here you have to go through an exciting adventure together with the main character and his faithful dog. Your land is shrouded in darkness, night has reigned for a long time, and dawn never comes, and all because of a vampire living in an ancient dark castle. You can now download the excellent role-playing game Castle Agony for Android, penetrate the castle filled with black magic, horrible monsters and treacherous traps to stop the evil vampire!

Go to the castle for adventures, explore its dungeons, collect resources and weapons to defeat the monsters living in it. Uncover the most terrible secrets of the castle, passing quests, and also find allies to fight evil together. Well-designed turn-based combat system will allow you to fully enjoy the battles with opponents. Create your own weapons, boil unique potions and craft whatever you want! You also have the opportunity to play for the dog of the main character, use tactical skills and it will become your faithful assistant. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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