Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]

A thrilling first-person shooter in the world of zombies and dinosaurs


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Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]
Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]
Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]
Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]
Best Sniper Legacy [Mod Money]
Best Sniper Legacy - incredible and extremely dynamic shooter for android, which has incredibly beautiful 3D graphics and addictive gameplay created by all the canons of the best shooters and actions of modernity!

Become a real cold-blooded sniper, go to a world where not only you will hunt, but also your opponents & ndash; bloodthirsty zombies and merciless dinosaurs. Be extremely careful and vigilant, exploring vast locations and discovering new terrain. You can download Best Sniper Legacy's excellent first-person shooter for Android and improve your hunter skills, as well as try to survive in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.

Hone the skills and skills of a professional sniper, you have to become the best to stay alive. Choose your favorite weapon and improve its characteristics, you will find more than 10 classic rifles, as well as 4 deadly weapons of premium level. Each tool has 15 levels of pumping and many details for customization. Dozens of exciting missions are waiting for you, improve your survival skills and shooting skills. Go to the world of Best Sniper Legacy, full of adventure! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Новые 2D-анимации в игре
  • Окно рекомендации по оружию переработано
  • Добавлены таблицы лидеров Google
  • Внутриигровые уведомления, которые позволяют вам всегда быть в курсе важных внутриигровых событий
  • Исправлены ошибки
Mod description
  • Неограниченные камни и монеты
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Date of publication15 апр. 2019 12:04
Version 1.06.4
Version OSDepends on the device
InternetNot required
SizeDepends on the device
Raiting 5
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