Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]

Игра, целиком построенная на музыке

Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]
Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]
Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]
Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]
Beat Hazard Ultra [Много денег]
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The gameplay in this arcade game depends primarily on the selected music: the more energetic the track, the more interesting the game. In quiet moments, the ship, which is controlled by the player, shoots some pitiful clots of energy, unable to penetrate a little bit of armored opponents, which are not enough on the screen. As music grows, what happens on the screen transforms: the enemies and special effects become more, the graphics become more colorful, the weapons become stronger, and if you still collect all the power and volume bonuses, it will shoot at full power.
After passing, money is given that can be spent on buying new perks and improving existing ones, such as adding extra lives and increasing points multipliers. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Mod description
Большое количество игровой валюты, приобретён золотой корабль, который включается в настройках.

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File author: Opera fan
Version 1.7
Version OSAndroid 2.3+
InternetNot required
Size20 Mб
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