Beat Cop [Unlocked]

Хардкорное приключение в сеттинге 80-90х годов

Beat Cop [Unlocked]
Beat Cop [Unlocked]
Beat Cop [Unlocked]
Beat Cop [Unlocked]
Beat Cop [Unlocked]
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Beat Cop is a really cool for android adventure, with lots of black humor and uncensored.

Surely you have ever seen a movie about police 80 -90s. It is precisely those policemen who were real heroes, defeated villains, rescued beauties and drove on steep wheelbarrows. Events unfold in New York, and your character & ndash; This is a former detective Jack Kelly, who was hanged for the murder. Download for free on Android Beat Cop and immerse yourself in this unforgettable atmosphere of cool and brutal films about the police of the 80-90s.

There will be everything - necessary routine work (write out fines), as well as action, chases and adventures! Try to be in good relations with the mafia, gang, police and ordinary residents, for this prepared many interesting quests. You will find many interesting dialogues filled with adult black humor. Here is an excellent translation that has retained all the essence of the dialogues and is teeming with words from profanity. An interesting storyline, fascinating gameplay and perfectly conveyed atmosphere of that time will not leave you indifferent. Investigate the crime, find out the name of the one who framed you, and deal with all this chaos. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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Обновление от 22 февраля: исправлено сохранение игры (возможно, это исправит черный экран на некоторых устройствах).
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Приобретена полная версия.

How to install (update) Beat Cop [Unlocked]

  • Download apk file and cache
  • Allow in the settings of installing applications from unknown sources (done once)
  • Run the installation using the file manager (usually the downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)
  • Copy the cache folder from the archive to the SD/Android/obb/cache_folder/*obb file directory using the file manager
  • Run app
  • A short video instruction on installing applications with a cache is located here
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