Лучники - стрельба из лука

Стрельба из лука в стиле майнкрафт

Версия: 0.3
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Лучники - стрельба из лука
Лучники - стрельба из лука
Лучники - стрельба из лука
Лучники - стрельба из лука
Лучники - стрельба из лука
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Meet the fantastic characters, fight with the enemies, learn to shoot from the bow and defend the tower from the countless enemy army. Save the world and become a hero! Prove that you are the greatest archer in the best arcade game!

Want to shoot arrows accurately, but do not have enough experience? Dive into the training mode, where you will be firing at targets. When you are convinced that the throwing of arrows has already been pumped up at a good level - go into the game mode, in which archers hit the real enemies!

The game will delight fans of the genre shooting games, as well as players of any level due to the fact that it is easy to start playing. But only true archers can achieve mastery.

How to play:
  • Just touch the screen with your finger, hold the cord of the bow and release it to fire the arrow.
  • To become a master, archery of your character must kill all enemies.DEFINE the tower during exciting and stunning battles.
  • BATTLE as one of 5 unique characters.
  • Destroy enemies before they reach you. Learn how to shoot arrows quickly.
  • SEE the videos and get awards for them in the form of coins.
  • BUY for the game coins of new shooters with different abilities. Some archers are able to freeze enemies and can easily blow it up without having to shoot arrows.
Write us your suggestions for improving the gameplay, all of your comments we read.
Enjoy the game, we love you!
Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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  • Allow in the settings of installing applications from unknown sources (done once)
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  • Run app
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