Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]

Angry Birds продолжают свои приключения в городе RIO

Версия: 2.6.13
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Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]
Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]
Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]
Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]
Angry Birds Rio [Много усилений]
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What happens when beloved birdmen are put in a cage and sent to Rio? This leads them into a rage!
In the game Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds from the original game is kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape from the kidnappers and go to rescue their friends, Golubchik and the Pearl, two rare parrot ara - Animated film "Rio". Game Angry Birds Rio combines the gameplay of the original game based on the laws of physics with unique peripetias based on the plot of the film.

In case you are stuck while passing the game, you can purchase Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time purchase within the Angry Birds application, the application of which is not limited. This phenomenal creation of a stone falls from heaven, sowing turmoil and sending nasty pigs into oblivion. There is only one "but": using Mighty Eagle in the passage of the level can be used only once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes all new game goals and achievements!

In addition to Mighty Eagle, now in Angry Birds Rio there are gains! Increase the skills of your birds and earn three stars for passing the level to unlock the secret content! Now in Angry Birds there are the following amazing enhancements: Sling Scope Laser Sight Scope, Super Seeds for increasing your birds, Samba Burst for destroying the rhythm of the dance and dropping the parcel with dynamite!
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  • Много денег
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